How Much Does It Cost To Fix An Air Conditioner?

Are you looking for the answer to the question – how much does it cost to fix an air conditioner? Several factors can determine the price of your repair. Many people wonder what they should do if their AC breaks down in the middle of summer, but there are ways to avoid these situations.


One way is by learning how your unit works to know if something is wrong or needs a simple repair. Another way to avoid expensive repairs is by maintaining your unit regularly. Regular maintenance will lower the risk of major repairs being needed later because parts have not been working at peak capacity before problems arise.


If your unit does break, however, here’s what you can expect in terms of costs:

  • Method Price Range Annual Maintenance $100 – $300
  • Diagnosis, $50 – $200, Call Out Fee No Charge for Estimates Service Call (1st Hour)
  • $75 – $150 Replacement Part(s) The price of the part or parts. Labor Rates Vary, but usually at least $70 per hour.


When your air conditioner breaks down in the heat of summer, and you need it fixed fast, there’s no telling how high these prices will go. If you don’t get an estimate before taking your unit in to be repaired, you could be looking at costs that easily reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars. An average repair cost can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars on the low end to over a thousand on the high end. You can, however, save yourself some money by having maintenance done on your unit throughout the year.


This will take the worry out of needing a repair during the summer, but it should also cut down on what you have to pay for significant repairs due to part failure or other problems related to lack of upkeep. The cost of replacement parts depends upon your specific model, along with what is being replaced. For instance, if you are replacing sealed air conditioning systems, expect to pay $350-$1,500 per pound or more for refrigerant depending upon how many pounds are in your system.


Several factors will determine the price of labor, including the size and location of equipment and services needed, such as installing or removing. If your air conditioner is located in a highly hard-to-reach area, for example, on a roof, expect the price of labor to be higher than usual.


The diagnosis of your AC problem can cost anywhere from $50-$200 or more if you have a professional come out to check things out. This will usually include checking the current electrical draw and checking various components within the unit itself.



If you are quoted an hourly rate, ask what the total charge would be if they had to stay until it was fixed so that you can gauge whether or not this is worth getting repaired at this time or calling around for another estimate first. One note of caution here – don’t just take these quotes and estimates at face value. Get at least one other quote before making your final decision, particularly if you are quoted one price for the diagnosis and another price to fix the problem.


If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Ensure that the technicians working on your unit are experienced enough in air conditioning repairs to accurately determine what is wrong with your system rather than wasting time diagnosing nonexistent problems or ordering unnecessary parts simply because they cannot interpret what is wrong with your system. It will also be helpful if these technicians have access to parts distributors to get parts quickly when needed.


Don’t trust just anyone to work on your home comfort systems! Especially during the summer months when everyone wants their AC fixed immediately, you will be flooded with calls from AC repair companies, many of whom are unreliable or even honest. You need to find a company that you can trust and count on for your major AC repairs and all of your general maintenance needs during the busy summer months and when things slow down in the winter.


Ask family, friends and co-workers who they recommend as their go-to AC repair service provider. If no one has any recommendations, do an internet search for reviews from residents to get a feel for how they have treated those dealing with these companies.


There’s a lot more to consider when deciding whether or not to repair your broken air conditioner now or wait until it gets much hotter since waiting could cost you even more if your unit fails. It would help if you weighed all of the factors involved in the various options that are available to you and made a decision based on what makes the most sense for your budget as well as your personal comfort needs since no one wants to spend their summer sweltering inside their home simply because it’s too costly to get their AC repaired now.


In Conclusion

There is no set cost range for air conditioner repairs. They can vary depending upon several factors, including location, type and amount of labor needed, part costs and availability, and any other exceptional circumstances that may affect the quoted price. If you think you might want to replace your unit rather than getting it repaired, consider getting a second opinion from another contractor to keep all of your options open.